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What’s in store for 2017


No one can tell what’s in store this year, but from the streets of DC to the frontlines of Westminster, many people have already begun the conversation. Here’s what’s ‘in store’ for the new AllRiot collection.

2017 has arrived and brought with it bottomless sources of inspiration for us. We’re tackling such topics as the ignominious Donald Trump, immigration, the BLM movement and 21 Jan. Women’s Marches.

Muslim Ban Protests: A week into his presidency, Donald J. Trump has enacted several unpopular executive orders; one including banning refugees from seven Muslim nations bombed by the American military, as well as the construction of the ‘Great Wall of America’.

Demonstrations have erupted across the globe, from 10 Downing Street and JFK Airport, to Paris and Brussels. Fresh protests are set for 29 January in Detroit, whilst the General Confederation of Labour, a French trade union, have threatened to boycott flights to the US.

Our anti-Trump, No Nations, No borders, and Make Tacos, Not Walls T-shirts are the perfect epithets to express condemnation of these actions. No one is illegal in a nation of immigrants!

Women’s March on Washington: According to their website, over 673 ‘sister’ marches containing 5 million activists across 80+ countries have swept across the globe since President Trump’s Inauguration Day. The marches call for 10 actions within 100 days through its HUDDLE programme, which advocates a loose, worldwide network of discussions on pressing issues.

The marches, which advocate women’s rights, are perceived to be under threat from the upcoming Trump cabinet, whom advocate pro-life stances and a conservative, regressive approach to issues like abortion, planned parenting, and even environmental conservation.

Our new product line features Virginia Wolf, Angela Davis and Never Again tees. Let’s honour those feminists who struggled to put women’s issues back to the forefront!

Pardon of Chelsea Manning: After 2,450 days of confinement, whistleblower and former US soldier Chelsea Manning has been granted clemency from the outgoing Obama administration.

Currently in ill mental and physical health, Manning has served 7 of her 35-year sentence. Manning has already attempted suicide twice, prompting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to discuss the terms of his extradition with the US in exchange for Manning’s 17 May release.
The new lineup features The Myth of Sisyphus, Anonymous for 15 minutes, Kennedy Quote, and George Orwell tees to remind us of the dystopia awaiting us if we choose to remain silent.

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