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Hollywood ruined everything, including the idea of the ‘strong female lead’

strong female lead

The concept of a strong female lead character has been gaining traction in Hollywood over the past decade. It is an essential step towards more gender equality in the film industry, as well as a reflection of the changing societal attitudes towards women. However, this concept has often been misrepresented in Hollywood, with female characters exhibiting stereotypically masculine qualities and traits.

Films such as “Atomic Blonde” and “Kill Bill” feature female protagonists who are physically strong, tough, and violent, displaying qualities typically associated with male characters. This is a shallow and ultimately misguided interpretation of what it means to be a strong female lead. In reality, being a strong female lead means much more than simply having physical strength or exhibiting masculine qualities.


The idea of a strong female lead character is not a new one, but it is one that has been largely absent from Hollywood until relatively recently. For decades, films featuring male protagonists have dominated the box office, and even when women were given leading roles, they were often depicted as helpless, passive, or overly sexualized. The emergence of strong female lead characters in recent years represents a much-needed shift towards more nuanced and empowering representations of women in film.

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However, the portrayal of strong female leads in Hollywood has often missed the mark, with filmmakers and writers relying on tired gender stereotypes to define their characters. Characters like Atomic Blonde and Uma Thurman’s “The Bride” in Kill Bill, for example, are presented as tough, violent, and unemotional, traits that are often associated with male characters. While these characters may be physically strong, they lack emotional depth and complexity, reducing them to little more than caricatures of “strong women.”

This portrayal of strong female characters as essentially “masculine” not only reinforces harmful gender stereotypes, but also fails to accurately reflect the experiences of real women. The idea that strength and toughness are inherently masculine qualities is not only false but also contributes to the marginalisation of women who do not fit these narrow definitions of femininity.

To truly represent strong female leads in film, Hollywood must embrace a more diverse and inclusive definition of strength. Women are strong in many different ways, not just physically, and their strength often comes from their resilience, intelligence, and empathy.

 Films that accurately depict this kind of strength, such as “Hidden Figures,” “Little Women,” and “A Star is Born,” have been both critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

It’s time for Hollywood to stop relying on outdated and harmful gender stereotypes when creating strong female lead characters. Instead, filmmakers and writers should work to create characters that are nuanced, complex, and reflective of the diverse experiences of women. By doing so, they can contribute to a more equitable and inclusive film industry, one that accurately reflects the realities of women’s lives and experiences.

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