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LGBT Ally Campaign

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The closet door is opening up, the gloves are coming off, and the world at large is finally warming up to the idea of gay marriage. The LGBTQA+ community is no longer underground, thanks to PROGRESS. As an integral part of human society, the LGBTQA+ community members have the right to free speech, free press, free love, and yes, expensive marriages. We at AllRiot strongly support the freedom to choose a partner, regardless of if there’s a package or a pussy, and we want this campaign to be one of the most exemplary forms of revolution in modern society.

Our LGBT Pride t-shirt lineup advocates that more governments worldwide legalise same-sex marriage and uphold constitutional rights. Most importantly, as members of a democratic society, and taxpayers as well, everyone should be entitled to all of the legislative benefits as others. With these gains, we want the momentum to continue. We understand that it will take time, but dammit, we can try. Love is all around, and your choice of who to share it with is more important than the orifice you choose to use.

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