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Capitalism is a failed social experiment. Don’t @me. Our brave Thought Criminals – people such as Marx, Zetkin, Trotsky, and Luxemburg–warned us of organic dangers of an unsustainable future in an industrialized world, the horrors of imperialism, the dire fight to procure a worker’s commons, and the importance of utilising a scientific, theoretical basis to establish an International. Our generation lives in the very thick of these warnings, and have inherited the challenges of a movement too nascent to be realized yet. Before this movement slips into the halls of a bourgeois and sheltered academia, the people on the ground must reawaken the Red Giant before it is too late.

Revolutionaries, if you hear the call, and if your blood is red, then ALLRIOT has the right lineup for you! Our 2022 political t-shirt collection features society’s most famous visionaries complete with the baddest anti-capitalist prints to inspire the masses into spontaneous revolution. Let the world know that we are much stronger together than divided, and it is time to establish a democratic, peaceful Red Planet, in which the essence of the proletariat is the foundation for its construction.

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